Monday, June 28, 2010

darcs weekly news #66

News and discussions

  1. Reinier announced the release schedule of Darcs 2.5 (soft freeze July 8th, release August 7th):

  2. Reiner also issued a call for volunteers for fixing unassigned bugs that should be fixed for the next release:

  3. Eric explained how to make the patch reviewing process more efficient:

  4. And the Sumer of Code blog posts of the last two weeks:

Issues resolved in the last week (7)

issue1176 Adolfo Builes
issue1277 Eric Kow
issue1389 Reinier Lamers
issue1713 Eric Kow
issue1857 Petr Rockai
issue1877 Florent Becker
issue1879 Eric Kow

Patches applied in the last week (53)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

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