Sunday, April 19, 2015

darcs 2.10.0 release

Hi all,

The darcs team is pleased to announce the release of darcs 2.10.0.


The easiest way to install darcs 2.10.0 from source is by first installing the Haskell Platform ( If you have installed the Haskell Platform or cabal-install, you can install this release by doing:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install darcs-2.10.0

Alternatively, you can download the tarball from and build it by hand as explained in the README file.

The 2.10 branch is also available as a darcs repository from


If you have an issue with darcs 2.10.0, you can report it via the web on . You can also report bugs by email to bugs at, or come to #darcs on

What's new since darcs 2.8.5

New features

  • darcs rebase: enable deep amending of history (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • darcs pull --reorder: keep local-only patches on top of mainstream patches (Ale Gadea, Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • darcs dist --zip: generate a zip archive from a repository (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • patch bundle contexts are minimized by default. Enables bundles to be applied to more repositories. (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • darcs convert export/import for conversion to/from VCSes supporting the fast-export protocol (Petr Rockai, Owen Stephens, Guillaume Hoffmann, Lele Gaifax, Ben Franksen)
  • darcs test --backoff: exponential backoff test strategy, faster than bisect on big repositories (Michael Hendricks)
  • work normally on sshfs-mounted repositories (Nathaniel Filardo)
  • automatic detection of file/directory moves, and of token replaces (Jose Neder)
  • patience diff algorithm by default (Jose Neder)
  • interactive mode for whatsnew (Dan Frumin)
  • tag --ask-deps to create tags that may not include some patches (Ganesh Sittampalam)

User Interface

  • add a last question after all patches have been selected to confirm the whole selection (Florent Becker)
  • command names:
    • clone is the new name of get and put
    • log is the new name of changes
    • amend is the new name of amend-record
  • show output of log into a pager by default (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • the output of log is more similar to git's:
    • show patch hash in UI (hash of the patch's metadata)
    • put author and date on separate lines (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • enable to match on patch hash prefix with -h and --hash (Guillaume Hoffmann, Gian Piero Carrubba)
  • better messages:
    • better error messages for http and ssh errors (Ernesto Rodriguez)
    • init, add, remove, move and replace print confirmation messages (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • rollback only happens in the working copy (Florent Becker, Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • darcs send no longer tries to send a mail by default (Eric Kow)
  • when no patch name given, directly invoke text editor (Jose Neder, Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • use nano as default text editor instead of vi (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • keep log files for patch name and mail content in _darcs (Ale Gadea)
  • optimize and convert are now supercommands (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • improve darcs help environment and darcs help markdown (Radoslav Dorcik, Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • warn about duplicate tags when creating a new one (Ale Gadea)
  • allow darcs mv into known, but deleted in working, file (Owen Stephens)
  • improve--not-in-remote, allowing multiple repos and use default (Owen Stephens)


  • faster darcs diff (Petr Rockai)
  • faster log and annotate thanks to patch index data structure (BSRK Aditya, Benedikt Schmidt, Eric Kow, Guillaume Hoffmann, Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • faster push via ssh by using compression (Ben Franksen)
  • cloning to an ssh destination (formerly darcs put) is more efficient (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • faster internal representation of patch hashes (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • when cloning from http, use packs in a more predictable way (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • store global cache in bucketed format (Marcio Diaz)
  • require and support GHC 7.4 to 7.10 (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • replace type witness CPP macros with plain Haskell (Eric Kow)
  • hashed-storage is bundled into darcs (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • replace C SHA256 bindings with external libraries (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • move the bits of the datetime package we need into Darcs.Util.DateTime (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • build Darcs once rather than thrice. (Eric Kow)
  • remove home page and manual from darcs' repository (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • run tests through cabal test (Ryan Desfosses)
  • run fewer darcs-1 related tests in testsuite (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • Use custom replHook to fix cabal repl (Owen Stephens)
  • darcs.cabal: make Haskell2010 the default-language for all stanzas (Ben Franksen)
  • always compile with mmap support (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • new options subsystem (Ben Franksen)
  • various cleanups, code restructurations and refactoring, haddocks (Will Langstroth, Owen Stephens, Florent Becker, Guillaume Hoffmann, Michael Hendricks, Eric Kow, Dan Frumin, Ganesh Sittampalam)

Issues resolved in Darcs 2.10

  • issue346: implement "patience diff" from bzr (Jose Neder)
  • issue642: Automatic detection of file renames (Jose Neder)
  • issue822: generalized the IO Type for better error messages and exception handling (Ernesto Rodriguez)
  • issue851: interactive mode for whatsnew (Dan Frumin)
  • issue904: Fix record on Linux/FUSE/sshfs (fall back to sloppy locks automatically) (Nathaniel Filardo)
  • issue1066: clone to ssh URL by locally cloning then copying by scp (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue1268: enable to write darcs init x (Radoslav Dorcik)
  • issue1416: put log files in tempdir instead of in working dir (Ale Gadea)
  • issue1514: send --minimize-context flag for send (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue1624: bucketed cache (Marcio Diaz)
  • issue1828: file listing and working --dry-run for mark-conflicts (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue1987: Garbage collection for inventories and patches (Marcio Diaz)
  • issue2181: put cache in $XDG_CACHE_HOME (~/.cache by default) (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2193: make that finalizeTentativeChanges no longer run tests (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2198: move repo testing code to Darcs.Repository.Test (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2200: darcs replace complains if no filepaths given (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2204: do not send mail by default (Eric Kow)
  • issue2237: prevent patch index creation for non-hashed repos (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2235: Accept RFC2822 dates (Dave Love)
  • issue2246: add default boring entry for emacs session save files (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2253: attempting to use the patch index shouldn't create it on OF repos (Owen Stephens)
  • Issue2278: Document default value for --keep-date / --no-keep-date (Mark Stosberg)
  • issue2199: getMatchingTag needs to commute for dirty tags (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2247: move patch index creation into the job running code (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2238: let optsModifier remove all occurrences of LookForAdds (Gian Piero Carrubba)
  • issue2236: make 'n' an alias for 'q' in lastregret questions (Gian Piero Carrubba)
  • issue2155: Expurgate the non-functional annotate --xml-output option (Dave Love)
  • issue2248: always clean up rebase-in-progress state (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2270: fixed darcs changes -i --only-to-files (Sebastian Fischer)
  • issue2282: don't allow remote operations to copy the rebase patch (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2287: obliterate -O doesn't overwrite existing file. (Radoslav Dorcik)
  • issue2227: move the rebase patch to the end before an amend-record (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2277: rebase suspend and unsuspend supports --summary. (Radoslav Dorcik)
  • issue2311: posthook for 'get' should run in created repo (Sebastian Fischer)
  • issue2312: posthooks for 'record' and 'amend-record' should receive DARCS_PATCHES (Sebastian Fischer)
  • issue2163: new option for amend, select author for patch stealing. (Radoslav Dorcik)
  • issue2321: when no patch name given, directly invoke text editor (Jose Neder)
  • issue2320: save prompted author name in ~/.darcs/author instead of ./_darcs/prefs/author (Jose Neder)
  • issue2250: tabbing in usageHelper - pad by max length of command name (BSRK Aditya)
  • issue2309: annotate includes line numbers (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2334: fix win32 build removing file permission functions (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2343: darcs amend-record does not record my change (Jose Neder)
  • issue2335: one liner when adding tracked files if not verbose (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2313: whatsnew -l: Stack space overflow (Jose Neder)
  • issue2347: fix amend-record --prompt-long-comment (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2348: switch to cabal's test framework (Ryan Desfosses)
  • issue2209: Automatically detect replace (Jose Neder)
  • issue2332: ignore case of characters in prompt (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2263: Option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented (Ale Gadea)
  • issue2367: rename amend-record to amend, make --unrecord more visible (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2345: solution using cabal's checkForeignDeps (Dan Frumin)
  • issue2357: switching to regex-compat-tdfa for unicode support (Dan Frumin)
  • issue2379: only use packs to copy pristine when up-to-date (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2365: correctly copy pristine in no-working-dir clones (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2244: darcs tag should warn about duplicate tags (Ale Gadea)
  • issue2364: don't break list of 'bad sources' (Sergei Trofimovich)
  • issue2361: optimize --reorder runs forever with one repository (Ale Gadea)
  • issue2364: fix file corruption on double fetch (Sergei Trofimovich)
  • issue2394: make optimize a supercommand (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2396: make convert a supercommand and enhance help strings (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2314: output-auto-name in defaults file (Ben Franksen)
  • issue2388: check if inventories dir has been created (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2249: Rename isFile to isValidLocalPath and WorkRepoURL to WorkRepoPossibleURL (Mateusz Lenik)
  • issue2153: allow skipping backwards through depended-upon patches (Andreas Brandt)
  • issue2380: allow darcs mv into known, but deleted in working, file (Owen Stephens)
  • issue2403: need to avoid moving the rebase patch to the end (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2409: implement darcs rebase apply (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2385: invoke pager without temporary file (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2333: better error message when pushing and darcs not in path (Ben Franksen)

Known issues

These are known new issues in darcs 2.10.0:
  • issue2269: rebase should warn about stolen patches at suspend, not unsuspend
  • issue2272: darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes
  • issue2276: darcs rebase unsuspend needs UI improvements for "You are not... Amend anyway?"
  • issue2359: convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames
  • issue2372: Please remove "HINT: I could not reach..." message
  • issue2423: diff only respecting --diff-command when a diff.exe is present
  • issue2436: rollback --patches takes ages before first prompt
  • issue2445: internal error if suspended patch is pulled into repository again
  • issue2449: test harness/shelly: need to handle mis-encoded/binary data

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Darcs News #110

News and discussions

  1. The Darcs 2.10 release is near! Please test the release branch and tell us if you find a bug.
  2. Joachim Breitner has shut down his darcswatch service after 7 years of activity:

Issues resolved (11)

issue822 Ernesto Rodriguez
issue2260 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2385 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2410 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2411 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2414 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2418 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2422 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2427 Ben Franksen
issue2431 Ben Franksen
issue2432 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2437 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied (111)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Darcs News #109

News and discussions

  1. We are in the feature freeze period of darcs 2.10:
  1. Our two Summer of Code projects ended up two months ago. Marcio and Ale's code will be part of the upcoming new stable version of darcs. In case you missed them, here are the latest posts of Marcio for his project:
  1. Ale's posts:

Issues resolved (7)

issue1514 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue1624 Marcio Diaz
issue2153 Andreas Brandt
issue2249 Mateusz Lenik
issue2380 Owen Stephens
issue2403 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2409 Ganesh Sittampalam

Patches applied (118)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Darcs News #108

News and discussions

  1. We have a few updates from the Google Summer of Code projects. Alejandro Gadea about history reordering:
  2. Marcio Diaz about the cache system:
  3. Incremental fast-export is now provided to ease maintenance of git mirrors:

Issues resolved (8)

issue2244 Ale Gadea
issue2314 Benjamin Franksen
issue2361 Ale Gadea
issue2364 Sergei Trofimovich
issue2364 Sergei Trofimovich
issue2388 Owen Stephens
issue2394 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2396 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied (39)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Darcs News #107

News and discussions

  1. Darcs has received two grants from the Google Summer of Code program, as part of the umbrella organization Alejandro Gadea will work on history reordering:
  2. Marcio Diaz will work on the cache system:
  3. Repository cloning to remote ssh hosts has been present for years as darcs put. This feature has now a more efficient implementation:

Issues resolved (11)

issue851 Dan Frumin
issue1066 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue1268 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue1416 Ale Gadea
issue1987 Marcio Diaz
issue2263 Ale Gadea
issue2345 Dan Frumin
issue2357 Dan Frumin
issue2365 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2367 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2379 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied (41)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Darcs News #106

News and discussions

  1. Darcs is participating once again to the Google Summer of Code, through the umbrella organization Deadline for student application is Friday 21st:
  2. It is now possible to donate stock to darcs through the Software Freedom Conservancy organization. Donations by Paypal, Flattr, checks and wire transfer are still possible:
  3. Dan Licata wrote a presentation about Darcs as a higher inductive type:
  4. Darcs now directly provides import and export commands with Git. This code was adapted from Petr Rockai's darcs-fastconvert, with some changes by Owen Stephen from his Summer of Code project "darcs-bridge":

Issues resolved (6)

issue642 Jose Luis Neder
issue2209 Jose Luis Neder
issue2319 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2332 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2335 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2348 Ryan

Patches applied (34)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

darcs news #105

News and discussions

  1. This year's Google Summer of Code projects brought a lot of improvements to darcs and its ecosystem!
  2. Gian Piero Carrubba asked why adjacent hunks could not commute:
  3. We listed the changes that occurred between version 2.8.4 and the current development branch into a 2.10 release page:

Issues resolved (8)

issue346 Jose Luis Neder
issue1828 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2181 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2309 Owen Stephens
issue2313 Jose Luis Neder
issue2334 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2343 Jose Luis Neder
issue2347 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied (39)

See darcs wiki entry for details.