Saturday, September 29, 2012

darcs weekly news #99

News and discussions

  1. BSRK Aditya's Summer of Code, supervised by Eric Kow and Benedikt Schmidt, ended successfully. The Patch Index optimization is now merged into screened and provides faster annotate and changes:
  2. Ganesh Sittampalam merged his rebase branch into HEAD:
  3. Simon Michael announced darcsden 1.0, the software behind the repository hosting and branch/fork managing website
  4. Alexey Levan built a MSI installer for darcs 2.8.1:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue2204 Eric Kow
issue2235 Dave Love
issue2237 Owen Stephens

Patches applied in the last week (74)

See darcs wiki entry for details.

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