Friday, April 15, 2016

Darcs News #113

News and discussions

  1. We will release Darcs 2.12 by the end of this month:
  2. On May 6th-8th in Helsinki, a joint sprint Pijul/Darcs is organized:

Issues resolved (5)

issue1807 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2258 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2393 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2486 Ben Franksen
issue2494 Ben Franksen

Patches applied (96)

2016-04-14 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • move network-related tests to network dir, update command names
  • resolve issue2393: remove whatsnew functionality from annotate
  • add log --machine-readable to see patch dependencies non-interactively
  • help of log
2016-04-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add some doc comments to RepoType
2016-03-29 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • merge Repository.Util into Repository.State
  • use B and BC instead of BS and BSC in Repository.State
  • fix prelude import in Repository.State
  • move maybeApplyToTree to Darcs.Patch.Apply
  • move getRecursiveDarcsRepos to UI.Commands.Optimize
  • move patchSetfMap to Darcs.Patch.Set
  • move functions from Repository.Util to Patch.TokenReplace
  • comment in Repository.Util
  • refactor similar functions in Darcs.Repository.State
  • use readUnrecordedFiltered in getReplaces
  • inline a function in Clone
  • no longer move index to index.old on mingw32 os
  • clarify comments in Darcs.Repository.State
  • hlint Darcs.Repository.State
  • move External module from Repository to Util
  • move Compat and Lock modules from Repository to Util
  • merge Darcs.Repository.Ssh into Darcs.Util.Ssh
  • remove Darcs.Repository.Read by moving readRepo back to Internal
  • add comments and remove checks of optimize commands wrt repo formats
  • make all optimize subcommands require hashed except upgrade
  • move copySources from HashedRepo to Clone
  • move Storage.Hashed modules to Darcs.Util
  • remove unused function from Storage.Hashed.Plain
  • fix compile error in Storage.Hashed.Test
  • remove Storage.Hashed.Utils, move functions to Darcs.Utils.ByteString
  • move index-related functions from Utils to Index
  • removed unused or redundant functions from Storage.Hashed.Utils
  • remove unused functions from Storage.Hashed.Hash
  • hlint Storage.Hashed.Darcs
  • reuse functions from Darcs.Util.Path
  • remove unused Storage.Hashed.Packs
2016-03-09 Ben Franksen
  • revert command: be quiet when requested
  • accept issue2480: display unicode in patch content
  • slightly improved chaotic indentations and import lists
  • refactor: use maybeRestrictSubpaths
  • refactor: use Darcs.Util.English.capitalize
  • replace Darcs.Util.Printer.<> with <> from Data.Monoid; restructured haddocks
  • small code layout fix in whatsnew command
  • fixed Darcs.Util.English.andClauses and orClauses
  • two simple refactorings in the conflict resolution code
  • cleanup in revert command: use debugMessage for debug messages
  • cleanup: break over-long line in D.R.Merge
  • accept issue2494: output of darcs record with file arguments
  • resolve issue2494: output of darcs record with file arguments
  • refactored some, added readUnrecordedFiltered and maybeRestrictSubpaths
  • several fixes and refactorings in fixSubPaths and maybeFixSubPaths
  • add Darcs.Util.Printer.quoted and Darcs.Util.Text.pathlist
  • added missing hsep function to D.Util.Printer
  • added missing Eq and Show instances for ScanKnown
  • added Darcs.Util.Printer.ePutDocLn
  • add new type IncludeBoring for includeBoring option (was Bool)
  • announceFiles only if verbosity /= Quiet
2016-03-05 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • rm hashed-storage changelog
  • put copyright headers in hashed-storage modules
  • add Storage/Hashed dir to checkdeps contrib script
  • merge Storage.Hashed.AnchoredPath into Darcs.Util.Path
  • explicit exports for Storage.Hashed.Utils
  • list and comment exports of Storage.Hashed.Darcs and Plain
  • remove Storage.Hashed
  • resolve issue2258: improve patch index error message with suggestion
  • resolve issue1807: clarify help of PAGER, DARCS_PAGER
  • fix extra-source-file path in darcs.cabal
2016-03-07 Ben Franksen
  • Darcs.UI.Commands.Unrecord: honor quiet option everywhere
  • resolve issue2486: obliterate --not-in-remote -q should be more quiet
2016-02-25 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • print the rebase status even after an error
  • in runJob, pull repojob out to first-level decision
  • refactor displaying suspended status a bit
  • inline repoJobOnRebaseRepo
  • use helper types to elide more cases in runJob
  • elide some common cases in runJob
  • reorder runJob cases by job type
  • flatten runJob case statements
  • add a helper type for flags needed for Rebase
  • lift the runJob debugMessage call outside the case
  • lift 'therepo' outside the runJob case statement
  • express the V1/V2 patch type switch via a GADT too
  • use SRepoType to control the rebase type in runJob
  • remove commented-out cases for old TreeJob
  • drop unnecessary constraints
  • break out a runJob function
  • drop CarrierType - it can't ever be Rebasing p now
  • drop RecontextRebase
  • drop NameHack
  • inline MaybeInternal module into Named.Wrapped
  • make the Rebase import qualified
  • Introduce RebaseP to replace Rebasing type
  • add 'activecontents' to replace 'patchcontents' for use in conflict resolution
  • stop Convert using Wrapped.patchcontents
  • add nullary RepoType
  • flip dependency between Named.Wrapped and Rebase.Container
  • add wrapper type around 'Named'
See darcs wiki entry for details.


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