Monday, September 5, 2016

darcs 2.12.1 release

The Darcs team is pleased to announce the release of Darcs 2.12.1!

The most important changes are:
  • fixes for building with GHC 8
  • drop support for GHC 7.6 and 7.8, i.e., require GHC 7.10
  • improvements in `darcs whatsnew` output with irrelevant files (Ben Franksen)
This release can be installed via cabal or (soon) stack. The 2.12 branch is also available as a darcs repository from .


Angel17 said...

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Joana said...

Intriguing. What's the latest release of Darcs?

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Horea said...

Been thinking how this has been after a few years. Many thanks for this!

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Allie Rice said...

Do you happen to have a new website that has more information about the most recent updates of DARCS?
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Sandy said...

This site is awesome. our site is awesome as well.

HaruEdwards said...

That's great news! The Darcs team has announced the release of Darcs 2.12.1. This release brings several important changes and improvements to the software. Here are the key highlights:

Fixes for building with GHC 8: The release addresses any issues or bugs encountered while building Darcs with GHC 8, ensuring compatibility and smooth functioning.

Dropping support for GHC 7.6 and 7.8: In this release, the support for GHC versions 7.6 and 7.8 has been discontinued. As a result, the minimum required GHC version to use Darcs is now 7.10.

Improvements in darcs whatsnew output with irrelevant files: The darcs whatsnew command, used to view changes in the working directory, has received enhancements in the way it presents output related to irrelevant files. These improvements, contributed by Ben Franksen, aim to provide a better and more informative user experience.

To install Darcs 2.12.1, you can use either cabal or stack. Cabal is a build tool and package manager for Haskell, while stack is a more specialized tool for managing Haskell projects and their dependencies. The 2.12 branch of Darcs is also available as a darcs repository, which can be accessed from

This release signifies the ongoing development and refinement of Darcs, bringing important fixes and improvements to the user community. Users can now benefit from the latest features and enhancements by upgrading to Darcs 2.12.1.

Joana said...

That's good to know! We at will take a quick look at this release.

Allie Rice said...
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Horea said...

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