Wednesday, November 18, 2009

darcs weekly news #46

News and discussions

  1. The third darcs hacking sprint happened last weekend in Vienna and Portland! An extensive report will be posted here soon. As a teaser of all the work done, here is a draft implementation of trackdown --bisect written in Vienna by Matthias Fischmann:

  2. Eric proposed to add Florent Becker to the review team:

  3. Still working on making patch metadata in UTF8 happen, Reinier is dealing with haskell package version issues for the 2.4 release:

Issues resolved in the last week (6)

issue1122 David Markvica
issue1636 Kamil Dworakowski
issue1643 Christian Berrer
issue1659 Petr Rockai

Patches applied in the last week (34)

See darcs wiki entry for details.


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