Friday, April 29, 2016

darcs 2.12.0 release

The Darcs team is pleased to announce the release of Darcs 2.12.0.


One way of installing Darcs 2.12.0 is with stack:

$ stack install darcs-2.12.0

Or first install the Haskell Platform (
and install Darcs with cabal-install:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install darcs-2.12.0

You can also download the tarball from and build it by hand.

The 2.12 branch is also available as a darcs repository from

What's new

Patch dependency graph export

The new command `darcs show dependencies`, enables to export the dependency graph of a repository (up to the latest tag, by default) as a Graphviz file:

whatsnew output and third-party VC frontend support

The flag `whatsnew --machine-readable` is a simplified version of `whatsnew -s` for easier parsability by third-party tools. Darcs 2.12 adds conflict markers to the output of whatnew when summarized (ie, when used with the `-s` or `--machine-readable` flags or via the `darcs status` alias). Thanks to this, Darcs support was reintroduced in meld 3.15.2 .

improvements for Git repository imports

File moves are converted to file moves primitives, instead of being file deletes and add as before. This enables to have smaller Darcs respositories with a more understandable history. This change adds to other improvements and fixes that make Git import more practical.

repository Weak Hashes

The command `darcs show repo` now shows a hash that is the XOR
of all hashes of the patches metadata of the repository. Being a XOR,
it does not depend on the patches' ordering. Also it is quite fast to
calculate. This Weak Hash can be useful to quickly check whether two
repositories of a single proyect have the same patches.


Anonymous said...

Nice improvements. Thank you! :-)

Unknown said...


In the release notes it is mentioned 'improvements for Git repository imports', but since I consider switching back to Darcs (from Fossil), I wonder whether export to Git does work well as well?

Angel said...

So excited for the new release. Keep sharing!

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Instead of being file deletes and additions as they were previously, file moves are transformed into primitive file moves. view here