Thursday, September 18, 2008

darcs weekly news #4

2009-02-16 This is a back-posting of an older darcs weekly news article from before the creation of

News and discussions

  1. First pre-release of darcs 2.0.3. This version of darcs has some very nice bug fixes on offer. A few more user-friendliness tweaks are planned for the actual release.
  2. Third venue confirmed for darcs hacking sprint, 25-26 October. Brighton, Portland and now Paris are all CONFIRMED. Come hack with us!
  3. upgrades to darcs 2! /usr/bin/darcs is now darcs 2.0.2 on this server. No action is needed on the user's part.
  4. Retiring GHC 6.4. Nobody seems to be using GHC 6.4 to compile darcs after all, so we shall be dropping support for it.


Thanks to our patch reviewers for this week for giving David a hand!

  • Jason Dagit
  • Nathan Gray
  • Trent W. Buck

Issues resolved in the last week (6)

issue691 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue709 David Roundy
issue885 David Roundy
issue1012 David Roundy
issue1054 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1057 David Roundy

Patches applied in the last week (86)

See 2008-09-17 text entry for details

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