Thursday, September 25, 2008

darcs weekly news #5

2009-02-14 This is a back-posting of an older darcs weekly news article from before the creation of I'll be trickling these in to minimise disruption to people's RSS readers

News and discussions

  1. Second pre-release of darcs 2.1.0 (formerly known as 2.0.3) This version of darcs will produce darcs-2 format repositories by default
  2. New issue manager - Thorkil Naur. The darcs team now has an official Issue Manager role. Thorkil will be ensuring that incoming reports are responded to in a timely manner, and that all bugs are eventually moved to a resolved state.
  3. Hoogling the darcs source?

Issues resolved in the last week (5)

issue27 David Roundy
issue53 Eric Kow
issue805 David Roundy
issue1039 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1041 Vlad Dogaru

Patches applied in the last week (54)

See text entry for details.

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