Sunday, January 4, 2009

darcs 2.2.0pre2 ready for testing!

Release Manager Petr Ročkai has announced the second pre-release of darcs 2.2.0. There are two versions you can grab:
  • the official version, using the traditional configure, make, make install infrastructure:
  • and a more experimental cabalised version:
More details in the announcement!

(P.S. the darcs team is still recruiting for a Darcs Weekly News editor)


Mark Stosberg said...

After upgrading to darcs 2.2.0, other darcs users may see an "Ignore-This:" line in patch descriptions. This is part of making patch IDS collision free, while being compatible with older repo forts. darcs 2.2.0 and newer will truly ignore the line and you won't see it.

More about the bug being fixed with this is here:

kowey said...

Thanks for pointing this out! Darcs 2.1.0 also ignores these lines, for what it's worth (but it does not generate them)