Thursday, October 16, 2008

darcs weekly news #8

2009-02-03 This is a back-posting of an older darcs weekly news article from before the creation of I'll be trickling these in to minimise disruption to people's RSS readers

News and discussions

  1. Improving the darcs build system? David Roundy is doing some interesting work on building darcs with his franchise build system. There are also attempts by other folks to Cabalise darcs. Discussions are underway about the future of building darcs.
  2. Type Correct Changes: A Safe Approach to Version Control Implementation. Jason Dagit gave a Galois tech talk on the use of Haskell GADTs to make darcs code more transparent, robust and approachable.
  3. Haskell, static typing, type witnesses and darcs. David Roundy gave a darcs talk at the ACM (5 October), presenting darcs and also explaining how the type witnesses are helping us to avoid errors in the code.
  4. Darcs hacking sprint only 9 days away!


Thanks to our patch reviewers for this week for giving David a hand!

  • Trent W. Buck
  • Jason Dagit
  • Nathan Gray
  • Simon Michael

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1062 Eric Kow
issue1105 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1139 David Roundy

Patches applied in the last week (96)

See text entry for details.

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